Our Services

Engineering Consulting

Engineering consulting services for electronic PCBA-based microcontroller-based and programmable logic-based product development, LED lighting (residential, commercial, industrial) product development, industrial controls, chemical process equipment refurbishment and control, photocatalytic titanium dioxide coatings consulting, commercial solar electro-mechanical control systems, aerodynamic and aeroballistic computer simulations, and other services.

Innovation, Design, and Development

Electronic and electro-mechanical product development and project management services for entrepreneurs to bring products from concept to market. Market analysis, product refinement, design, prototyping, testing, 3D printing, plastic injection-molded tooling, quoting from offshore and/or stateside manufacturing partners, and production and distribution management.


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About Us

Company founder Alan Wolfinger’s background includes manufacturing engineering; PLC and HMI programming; co-founding of a successful electronic manufacturing company developing a line of agricultural engine control products; space and airborne vehicle controllability analysis, computer programming and simulations, and digital hardware design development and programming at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama; programmable logic and microprocessor-based LCD, RF, and other product development; batch and continuous chemical process engineering for photocatalytic titanium dioxide coatings; provisional patent filing; and a passion for innovating products that meet technical and cost/price point requirements.